Savings Comparison

Features and BenefitsBusiness SavingsaBusiness Certificate of Depositb
Minimum to Open$100$500
Monthly Service Charge/Minimum Balance Requirement Fee


How to waive

Interest Bearing*YesYes
Monthly Transaction Fees$2 per transaction over 3 complimentary per month 
Business Debit Card             Yes 
Online Banking/Mobile BankingInquiry Only
24 Hour Telephone Banking
eStatements AvailableYesYes

Please see FGB Schedule of Misc. Fees and Charges for additional fees that may apply to your account.

*Check our website for current interest rates.
aSavings accounts are also subject to Reg D which states that transfers from a savings account to another account or third party by preauthorized automatic, computer or telephone transfers are limited to six (6) per month, whether initiated by check, draft, debit card, if applicable, or similar order to third parties.

b Certificates of Deposits - various terms available.  Various interest payment options