Courtesy Pay for Business

Courtesy Pay for Business Accounts

Constantly having to check your account every time you make a purchase? We know that can be stressful, so we have a service to give you peace of mind to meet your daily financial needs. 

In the event insufficient funds are available in your checking account, we will strive to pay your transactions. This service may provide some comfort if items arrive on your account when insufficient funds exist and may save you embarrassment and hassle of returned checks. 


How it works

At our discretion, we will strive to pay any non-sufficient fund items, which may be presented against your account instead of returning the item unpaid. 


  • Checks
  • Automatic Bill payments
  • ATM transactions
  • Recurring & everyday debit card transactions
  • ACH items


Fees only apply when you use this service.


If you overdraw your account:

Up to $40 per item


How to Add

Automatically Applied

Revoke Your Decision:
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If you have previously opted out for this service and wish to re-enroll, please call 888-375-3093