Synergy is now FGB

**Important Dates and Info**

Debit Card:
The new debit card you receive will not be active to use until October 14, 2017. Please keep your Synergy Debit Card until that date.

Bill Pay:
The last day for you to pay a bill and access bill pay via the mobile app and on your computer is October 12th.  As you prepare for this transition, we encourage you to download any history and biller records you may need so that you can re-establish this within the new FGB system as no information will be converted over.

Online Banking:
Effective October 16th, you can enroll in FGB’s online banking.  Simply go to and under Enroll Now click either Business or Personal.

Mobile Banking:
Effective October 16th, the MyFGB app can be found in the Google Play and Apple App stores.  In the previous mailer you were told to search MyFGB for personal and MyFGB Biz for business.  This is incorrect.  You only need to search MyFGB for your personal or business needs. One app does it all.

Telephone Banking:
There is a correction to make on our 24 Hour Telephone Banking.  The number you received on the previous mailer is incorrect.  The correct number to call for your telephone banking needs is 1 (877) 342-0247.  This new number can be accessed effective October 16th.

Customer Support Center:
Once system conversion is complete on October 16th, our Customer Support Agents will be able to assist you with any questions you may have.  That number is 1 (888) 375-3093.  Until then, continue to call your local Texas branch.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Will First Guaranty Bank continue to provide privacy of my personal information?
First Guaranty Bank has always complied with all federal privacy regulations and is vigilant in protecting the personal information of its customers. 

Will I still receive the same friendly service?
Delivering quality customer service is very important to First Guaranty Bank and we promise to continue providing the same high level of customer service you are accustomed to receiving.

When will the account conversion be complete?
The account conversion date is scheduled for Friday, October 13, 2017.

Will I experience an immediate change to my Checking or Savings Account(s)?
We will compare Synergy Bank’s checking and savings accounts with First Guaranty Bank products.  Based on the activity of your current bank account, your account will be matched to a similar First Guaranty Bank checking or savings account. 

Because my checking and savings account types may change, do I need to take any action?
No, you will not need to take any action regarding your checking or savings account type.  First Guaranty Bank will take care of any change for you.

Will my Savings, Checking, CD, IRAs and Loan account numbers remain the same?
Most account numbers will remain the same.  However, there may be a few account numbers that replicate already existing FGB account numbers.  We will send correspondence to those account holders regarding their change.

Can I continue using my current checks and deposit tickets?
Yes, you may continue using your Synergy Bank checks and deposit tickets. 

I have deposit accounts at both Synergy Bank and First Guaranty Bank. How does this affect my FDIC coverage?
The savings and checking accounts held with Synergy Bank at the close of business Thursday, October 12, 2017, will have separate FDIC coverage for six months from that date based on the regulatory limits of the FDIC.  Certificates of Deposit will have separate coverage until the first maturity date after the six month period.  After the interim period has passed, the deposits will be combined with your First Guaranty Bank deposits for purposes of FDIC coverage.  If you hold deposits with both Synergy Bank and First Guaranty Bank, you may contact a Customer Service Representative to determine the best way to structure your accounts for maximum FDIC coverage.  You may also visit to see how you can structure your accounts for maximum FDIC coverage.

How will my deposit account statement with First Guaranty Bank change?
Your First Guaranty Bank statements will have the same general account information and format and you will continue to receive your statements on the same dates you currently do.

As of close of business on Thursday, October 12, 2017, statements will begin a new mailing cycle.

Your First Guaranty Bank personal checking account statement is scheduled to print on the 4th of each month.  Savings account statements will be mailed quarterly unless there is activity on the account; in this case a statement will be mailed monthly.

Business and Money Market account statements will be mailed at the end of each month. 

Can I continue using my Synergy Bank VISA Debit Card?
Yes, you may continue to use your Synergy Bank VISA Debit Card until October 13.  Soon, you will receive your FGB MasterCard Debit Card.  On October 14, please begin using your newly issued FGB Debit Card.

Can I use any Synergy Bank or First Guaranty Bank ATM?
Yes, you may use any of FGB’s ATMs at no charge.  Once we convert onto one system on October 13, you will pay fees associated with using another financial institution’s ATM.

Can I bank at any Synergy Bank or First Guaranty Bank location now?
Not at the present time. Once account conversion has occurred, and we are on common systems, you may bank at any of the First Guaranty Bank full-service bank branches. For now, continue to manage your current Synergy Bank account just as you do today.  On October 13, 2017, our systems will merge and you will be able to transact full banking business at any First Guaranty Bank location.  Until then, for your convenience, you may cash your Synergy Bank checks at any First Guaranty Bank location.

Can I continue to use online banking and bill pay?
Effective October 13, 2017, you will be unable to access Synergy Bank’s online banking, bill pay and mobile app.  Beginning October 16, 2017, you will be able to enroll in FGB’s online banking.

As you prepare for this transition, we encourage you to download any history and biller records you may need to re-establish this within the new FGB system as no information will be converted over.

For those who prefer to bank via a mobile device, please visit the Apple and Google Play app stores on October 16th and download the MyFGB app for consumers and MyFGB Biz app for business customers.

Where do I send my loan and mortgage payments?
Please send them to the same address you are currently sending them to.

Will I have 24 hour access to my accounts with First Guaranty Bank?
Yes, you may access your First Guaranty Bank account at any time beginning Monday, October 16, 2017, 24 hours a day, on our Telephone Banking system.  Simply call 1-844-367-6355 to enroll.  You will be asked to establish a new PIN.

Will First Guaranty Bank continue to support our local communities?
Yes.  With the combined forces of two great banks, we will continue to actively reinvest time and dollars into our local communities.

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