We offer a collection of online and offline tools to our commercial customers to maximize cash flow. Our services assist in managing the inflow and outflow of cash to minimize expenses and maximize profits.

  • Lockbox Services
  • ACH
  • Wire Transfers
  • Internet Banking and Bill Pay
  • Merchant Services
  • 24 Hour Telephone Banking
  • Investment Sweep Accounts
  • Loan Sweep Accounts
  • Order Checks online

 Lockbox Services

Lockbox allows organizations to “streamline receipts” by having payments sent to a P.O. Box accessible to the bank. When customers and business partners write you a check, they will submit them to our P.O. Box and we will pick up the payments for you – we will also deposit those payments for you. You now have a faster way to get those payments into the bank so that you can use the money. Benefits include:

  • More timely availability of funds
  • No more leaving your business to make a deposit. The deposit is made at the bank when the mail is received, then deposited into your account.
  • This solutions doesn’t just save you time and money – it mitigates the risk of internal fraud and can increase customer satisfaction.


 Remote Deposit Capture

At First Guaranty Bank we know when it comes to your business, time is money! So, if you’re still sending employees to the bank to make a deposit time is being wasted. We can help by offering our Remote Deposit Capture service. This amazing service allows you to make deposits from your business at any time of the day by simply scanning and transmitting your check images from your office to the bank; eliminating the need to transport deposits with paper checks to the bank. Benefits include:

  • Convenience – no more trips to the bank
  • Improved funds availability – next day availability on funds deposited by 5:00 p.m.
  • Deposits can be made 24 hours a day – at a time that is right for you
  • Faster return item notification on return checks

Remote Deposit Capture Annual Review


 ACH Origination Direct Payment or Direct Deposit

With First Guaranty Bank’s ACH Origination, you have the ability to send and receive payments electronically though our Internet Banking program. ACH Origination puts you in control of your money and can be used to create payroll direct deposit, direct debits for billing, or to consolidate your funds from multiple financial institutions. Benefits include:

  • Increased payroll confidentiality, accuracy, and security
  • Lower costs and increased efficiency: No longer need to create checks, invoices, or process incoming checks
  • Reduce fraud exposure due to lost or stolen checks
  • Easier payroll research
  • Control the timing of your payments – which can mean more accurate cash flow projections


 Wire Transfers

Wire transfers are the fastest way to send and receive funds and have the advantage of being more secure than other forms of payment. Additionally, when receiving a wire, there is no chance of a charge back. Wires can be originated online via our Internet Cash Management Service.

Bank Wire Fees:

  • Domestic- $25 Incoming/$25 Outgoing
  • International- $25 Incoming/$50 Outgoing

    Internet Wire Fees: $50 Internet Wire Transfer monthly service fee

  • Domestic- $5 Outgoing
  • International- $15 Outgoing


 Internet Banking

First Guaranty Bank’s Internet Banking gives you the convenience and flexibility to manage your finances any time, day or night, in a secure environment.

With our Internet Banking you can:

  • View your account balances and detailed transaction history
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Pay bills online – save time and money


 Mobile Banking

First Guaranty Bank’s Mobile Banking is browser based and offers the convenience and flexibility to manage accounts/finances any time in a secure environment, using only your internet-enabled mobile phone. Simply visit https://mbanking.firstdata.com/wap/home/fgbhla/en using your phone’s internet browser.
Scan the code below with your compatible mobile phone to be taken directly to the First Guaranty Bank mobile web site.

qd code for mobile phones
This service is provided to First Guaranty Bank customers free of charge; your mobile phone provider may charge you for internet use. Contact your mobile phone provider for details. First Guaranty Bank is not responsible for charges assessed by your mobile phone provider.

 Positive Pay

Positive Pay is a service that helps protect your company against altered checks and counterfeit check fraud. It is accessible through our Internet Banking system and assists customers in identifying fraudulent transactions by comparing an “issue” check/payment file with a “processed” check/payment file. If any check doesn’t match, the system facilitates notification to First Guaranty Bank and the check is not cleared.

  • $50 per month per account

 Investment Sweep Accounts

Allows idle cash to sweep into a money market daily to maximize interest earnings.

  • $50 per month


 Loan Sweep Accounts

Allows idle cash to sweep to the principal balance on a loan in order to reduce interest paid daily.

  • $50 per month


 24 Hour Telephone Banking

First Guaranty Bank’s 24 Hour Telephone Banking allows you to manage your accounts any time, day or night, using your telephone. Any customer with an account at First Guaranty Bank can use this service. More information.